Hiking and Camping. Do You Really Need a Compass?

1st Feb 2016

When planning to go hiking and/or camping do you really need a map and compass if you have a GPS? In today's world of high tech devices there are purpose built GPS devices as well as many of … read more

Is Organic Food Here to Stay?

17th Nov 2015

Organic food started to hit the mainstream in the early 2000's. Most people thought it would be a fad but who knew it would become a incredible force in the United States food industry.History of … read more

Your Diet Affects Workplace Productivity

17th Nov 2015

Eating a healthy diet is essential to overall fitness. While many feel that strict eating habits are only for those who wish to maintain lean muscle mass and keep their body fat pe … read more

Source Matters for Emergency Food and Supplies

Posted by Jim Arndt on 24th Oct 2015

If you’ve ever found yourself in need of a safe and dependable source of reliable emergency food supplies, then Supplies Wise is who you are looking for. We provide delicious, high quality, pocket-f … read more